Roland Williams

Business Development Director
Alfresco has pleasure in informing you that Mr Roland Williams has joined the Alfresco team as our Business Development Director.

Roland Williams brings with him extensive experience and expertise in corporate strategic development, business planning, corporate communications, public relations, brand management, stakeholder management, marketing, and community outreach;  in addition to enjoying a considerable network of thought-leaders, opinion-makers, decision-makers, editors and journalists, spanning various industries, sectors and functionalities.  Williams career is punctuated with excellence, innovation, successful results and constant improvement, especially in the communications and marketing environment.

With an innate, prolific and proven ability to inspire, develop and lead a team to achieve optimal proficiency for maximum output at the highest quality, Williams possesses exceptional communication skills, across an array of platforms, via a plethora of mediums, and has an insatiable appetite for facilitation, strategy development and outcomes-based research.  A perfectionist of note, with meticulous attention to detail, Williams is the epitome of efficiency, and is widely reputed for being able to "take water out of a stone".

With googols of energy and an incomparable work ethic, Williams and the Alfresco team will proactively add value to your business objectives, brand equity, and company sustainability.

Williams also currently serves on the Board of South Africa’s Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA), which accounts to the Minister of Communications, as well as on various other community and developmental structures.
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